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 Ralph W. Yuill (?-?) 



This name is included on a list of Monuments Men and Women compiled by Capt. Edith A. Standen during her service in postwar Germany. No address was provided.


Yuill served as MFAA Officer for the Office of Military Government for the Regierungsbezirk Niederbayern-Oberpfalz administrative district, Bavaria. He investigated potential repositories for looted art in the area surrounding Regensburg, Germany, many of which contained objects or archives belonging to the Bavarian museums. He placed a castle in Maierhofen under protection of U.S. Army troops after discovering a cache of objects belonging to the Munich Museum. He also ordered the removal of a collection of books from Rodenburg Castle in Reidenburg after an inspection revealed the rooms to be too damp for the storage of archival material.


Currently, we believe this individual to be Ralph William Yuill (1898-1981), a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and alumnus of Dartmouth College. An agent for Travelers Insurance Company before the war, he later became an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi.


The Foundation is very interested in confirming that Ralph William Yuill is indeed the Monuments Man referenced to on Edith Standen’s list. If you have any information, please contact

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