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Madonna Palatine


The Monuments Men and Women Foundation is utilizing the extraordinary legacy of the Monuments Men and Women of WWII to educate our next generation of leaders to understand the transversal power of art and cultural heritage as well as the danger that hatred, racism and ignorance cause on our civilization.

Art plays a pivotal role in people’s cognitive development, as it stimulates not only their creativity, but also the growth of their mathematical, linguistic and logical reasoning. Exposure to the arts can make people more tolerant and empathetic. Their awareness of different people, places, and ideas through the arts helps them appreciate and accept the differences they find in the broader world.

As part of its educational initiatives, the Monuments Men and Women Foundation has developed plans to assist schools and museums with programs that enhance the appreciation of art and cultural heritage as an essential part of understanding humankind. The story of the Monuments Men and Women allow us to tackle important subjects (Holocaust, art preservation, World War II, situational ethics) in a new and age-appropriate way so that even the youngest audience can begin their understanding of these important chapters of our modern history. Fostering curiosity will not only lead students to the understanding of who we are as a civilization, but also exploring the potentials of what each of them could become as individuals. The Foundation is reaching local audiences through strategic partnerships as well as global audiences through the use of technology and social media. 


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"Hunting Nazi Treasure"
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