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 WWII Most Wanted Art™ 


Determined to continue, and complete, the mission of the Monuments Men and Women, we have created a deck of playing cards featuring the most wanted works of art and cultural objects still missing since the end of World War II. The cards are printed in the U.S. by The United States Playing Card Company,

Customized decks of playing cards have a rich history in the United States military, having been used during the Civil War, World War II, and most recently the Iraq War to bring visibility to a particular mission. This deck uses this same tradition to bring visibility to some of the most important works of art that went missing during World War II and whose whereabouts are still unknown.

“The looting, loss of life, and victimization of untold numbers of people before and during World War II were some of the darkest days in history. This new campaign by the Monuments Men Foundation will raise additional awareness of the art and cultural property stolen and lost during that era, and will assist law enforcement agencies around the world in efforts to reunite victims and their family members with their possessions. Protecting and assisting victims of crimes, even if those crimes occurred long ago, has and will always remain a priority of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Randolph J. Deaton IV
Program Manager and Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Art Crime Program and Art Crime Team

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 Cash Reward

Cash Reward

The Monuments Men and Women Foundation is offering a cash reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the recovery of each cultural object included in the WWII Most Wanted Art™ deck of playing cards. Terms and conditions apply.

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