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During our extensive research on these heroes, we compiled thousands of archival documents, photos and videos. These records include:

  • 6,850 archival documents, including letters, diaries and nearly.

  • 115,000 digital assets.

  • More than 220 hours of video and audio assets including interviews with 16 Monuments Men and Women, their family members, foreign civilians, museum directors and curators, and the Chief Interpreter and Interrogator for the US Prosecution Team at the Nuremberg Trials.

  • Over 1,600 books, transcripts, and rare publications, many out of print.


In 2018, the Foundation transferred its extensive collection of materials and research to The National World II Museum. In November 2023, the Museum will open its Liberation Pavilion housing the Monuments Men Gallery. All requests to access this material should be sent to Ms. Toni Kiser at toni.kiser @

  The Archives 

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