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 Rose Valland's THE ART FRONT 

Monuments Woman Rose Valland described her wartime experience working under the watchful eyes of the Nazis during their four-year occupation of Paris in her memoir Le front de l’art: Défense des collections françaises 1939-1945 (1961). The English-speaking world has never had an opportunity to read Rose Valland's remarkable story, in her own words, until now.


The Monuments Men and Women Foundation will publish The Art Front: The Defense of French Collections 1939-1945 in Fall 2024. Translated by Ophélie Jouan, Rose Valland expert and art historian, and with an introduction by Foundation founder and chairman, Robert M. Edsel, the world-leading expert on the Monuments Men and Women, this beautifully bound hard-cover book will include almost one-hundred images, sure to delight art lovers as well as scholars, students, and veterans.

This book's first-time translation into English unlocks Rose Valland's own words to readers worldwide and underscores the Foundation's mission to honor these heroes' legacy.



“To all those who fought during the last war to save a little of the World's beauty.”
Monuments Woman Rose Valland in The Art Front



The Monuments Men and Women Foundation wishes to recognize the individuals and organizations whose generous early support has been instrumental in turning this project from a dream into a reality.



Platt Richmond PLLC

Treasures Estate Concierge Services, Inc.

Ann Griffith Ash

Nancy Best

The Honorable Sara Kate Billingsley & Peggy Dean

Anna Bottinelli

Stephan Courseau for Le Bilboquet, Dallas

Robert M. Edsel

Alain Kahn, in memory of his Officier Beaux-Arts aunt and godmother, Suzanne Kahn, born Brunswick




Cecilia Anastos

Richard Aronowitz

Dennis Arrobbio in loving memory of my mother Norma

Kimberly A Babin

Patty Bass

Oron Lamar Bass

Hayden Bassett

Andres Bendeck-Cassis

Mattia Bertoldi

Darlene Alexis Bialowski

Gary Bobalik

Stephen H. Borkowski

Eileen Brankovic

Miranda K. Browning

Anne Butler


Emily R Chickadel

Bonnie Cochard

Gabriella Corey

Laura Danguillaume-Blanckaert


MD Museum

Sarah Done

Nancy Donelon

Raymond J. Dowd

Amelie Ebbinghaus

Teresa Echeverria

Ms Lisa Kartes Elley

Elke Ereshefsky

Fairhill Auction LLC

Janice Louise Feheley

Danielle Lauren Fein

The Honorable David S. Ferriero

Christopher L. Flores

Elizabeth L Ford

The Grunbaum Fischer Foundation, Inc.

Douglas & Sylvia Freeswick

Alexis George

John Gerbracht

Jona Goldschmidt, in memory of grandparents Fritz and Thea Goldschmidt

Simon Goodman

Lawrence Graham, CD

A. Hall, M.A.

Ms. Vicky Hardway

Claudine Hemingway

Bill Holmes

Amanda Lynn Hutchison

Lori Hyland

Susan Turpin Illner

Angela M Johnson

Gail Joice

Paula Katz

Jedd Keith and Dr. Elizabeth Purcell-Keith

Alex and Louisa Keith

Catherine M. Kesseler

Shelby Landgraf

Dr. Lindsey D. Larberg

Thomas F. Lee

Andrea Lehmann

John Lee Liffiton

Ms. Madeleine Sherwood Lill

Tristan B. Linehan

David A. Lyon, IV

Mike and Dixie Madigan

Meagan McGowan

Jennifer L. McIlrath

Elaine McKenna

Lori A. and Lee D. McLaughlin

David Mikutis

Kevin and Rebecca Morrow

Maria Cristina Moscatelli

Erin Napier

Susan Nelson, in honor of Lt Col Ernest DeWald MFAA

Emilie A. Noble

Karen R. Olson

Jeanette Panning

Victoria Pap


Kate Montague Perry

Elinore C. Peters

Beth Petriello

Margaret Farmer Planton

Leigh and Cam Plummer

Michael Jerome Plunkett

Victor A. Pollak

Marc Porter

Sophie Raobeharilala

Beth Reichman

Dr. Leslie Elaine Reid

Kelly Rennie

Bruna Robbiani Bottinelli

Haley Roberts

Ilne and Kai Roemmelt

Rebecca Rogers

The Rohan Foundation

Jim Rosati

The Rygiel Family

R. David Ruzomberka

Carol Safran

Duncan Saunders

Alex Benjamin Scharr

Jacques Schuhmacher

Nina Senger

Carla Rose Shapiro

Casey L. Shelton

Lucian J Simmons

John Thomas Smith

Jim Stone


Tony Sundstrom

Karolina Svobodova

Georgina H. Tall

Tricia A. Thomas

Kerry Toggweiler

The Turner Family

Paul Verrell

Irene Vlitos Rowe

CPT Jessica L. Wagner

Susie Seaton Walls

rev. veronica walsh don

Jennifer Case Webb

Shannon Weiss

Johanna Werner

Joy Wolfe

David Karl Yatsu




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