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 R. J. Verschoor van Nisse (1910-1971) 



Reinier Jan Verschoor van Nisse was born in The Hague, the Netherlands on July 10, 1910 to a Dutch nobility. His father, Ferdinand Verschoor van Nisse, served as a lieutenant in the Dutch Royal Navy and Harbour Master in Rotterdam. His uncle, Jan Reinier Frans Verschoor van Nisse, was an emissary of the Dutch colonial government in the Dutch East Indies. Successful in his own right, R. J. Verschoor van Nisse became Director of the Amsterdamsche Geld- en Wisselhandel Maatschappij (Amsterdam Currency Trade Company).


Verschoor van Nisse served as a Netherlands Art Representative charged with locating and identifying works of art and other cultural objects looted from the Netherlands by the Nazis. Currently, the Foundation believes he was stationed in Hamburg, Germany.


Reinier Jan Verschoor van Nisse died in Amsterdam on November 7, 1971.


The Foundation is very interested in locating someone by this name who served as a Monuments Man. If you have any information, please contact

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