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 Robert J. Jennings, Jr. (?-?) 



Robert J. Jennings, Jr. served as a clerk at the headquarters of the MFAA Sub-Commission, Allied Control Commission (ACC) in Italy. In March 1944 he was seriously injured in a car accident. Following weeks of hospitalization, he returned to his post, working in Naples alongside Monuments Men Lt. Col. Ernest T. DeWald, Capt. Fred H. J. Maxse, Maj. Edward “Teddy” Croft-Murray, and later in Rome with Capt. Sheldon Pennoyer, Capt. Cecil R. Pinsent, and S/Sgt. Bernard M. Peebles. Jennings remained involved with the MFAA until at least August 1944.


The Foundation is very interested in learning more about Robert Jennings’s life, in particular his military service as a Monuments Man. If you have any information, please contact

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