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 Robert C. Glass (?-?) 



Robert C. Glass served as an assistant to Monuments Man Capt. Everett P. Lesley, MFAA Specialist Officer for Fifteenth U.S. Army.


Together, these two Monuments Men were responsible for the investigation of looted works of art in the area surrounding Bonn, Germany. One of their first assignments was the relocation of objects from a copper mine in Siegen. On May 9, 1945, Monuments Man Lt. Cdr. George L. Stout decided that atmospheric and security conditions at the depository made the immediate movement of the objects imperative. After much deliberation, Bonn was deemed the most suitable choice. Glass and Lesley were charged with surveying the available bunkers on the outskirts of town. They ultimately selected a four-story bunker equipped with air conditioning, electricity, and lighting. With only two entrances, both steel doors, it proved to be the ideal shelter for displaced works of art and other cultural objects. Glass and Lesley also interviewed multiple art dealers suspected of selling looted works of art.


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