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 Gordon F. Corrigan (1920-1974) 

Gordon Frederick Corrigan 1938.jpg

Gordon Frederick Corrigan was born in Rochester, New York on May 13, 1920. He attended the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada before working in radio production.


Corrigan saw active duty in England and Germany with the U.S. Army Air Corps. In August 1945 he received an administrative assignment to the Reparation, Deliveries, and Restitution (RD&R) Division of the U.S. Group Control Council in Germany, where he served at headquarters alongside Monuments Men T/4 James O. Cook, Lt. Frank P. Albright, and T/4 Edward J. Boruch, among others. The following December, Corrigan chose to civilianize in order to stay on as a clerk typist. He conducted general office work, including the important task of maintaining the extensive card catalogue of detailed information on collections of art that had been looted. Corrigan remained active with the MFAA until October 1949, when he began working as an administrative officer with the Office of the Executive Secretary in Frankfurt, Germany. Corrigan was invited to participate in the first graduating class of the German Language Training Program of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, a course designed by the Foreign Service Institute to teach conversational German to American soldiers.


Upon his return to the United States, Corrigan became an analyst with the Army Security Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, a position he held for nearly two decades until his retirement in 1973.


Gordon Corrigan died suddenly in Falls Church, Virginia on June 16, 1974.

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