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 Flora E. Bovio (1910-1970) 



Flora E. Bovio was born on November 25, 1910 to Italian immigrants living in Baltimore, Maryland.


Although we know little of her life before and after the war, Bovio worked as a stenographer in New York City before joining the MFAA Restitution Branch of the Office of Military Government, U.S. Zone (OMGUS) in Germany. As a civilian clerk typist, she conducted administrative work at MFAA headquarters in Berlin alongside Monuments Men Lt. Col. Richard F. Howard, Maj. Lester K. Born, and Lt. Bernard Taper, among others. Bovio adapted to work in such a fast-paced environment with enthusiasm. When an American newspaper asked her to comment on her work in military government, she remarked that “I have always liked excitement and as long as things are going to happen I’d just as soon be right in the center of them.” (The Terre Haute Tribune: April 2, 1948).


Bovio continued her duties with the MFAA until at least September 1948. She then returned to New York City, where she worked at Midtown Galleries, the prominent art gallery founded by Alan G. Gruskin. She died in Los Angeles, California on June 6, 1970.


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