Paintings Formerly in  the Collection of Queen Victoria 

Two paintings formerly in the Collection of Queen Victoria were returned to the Schlosshotel Kronberg.




1) School of Anthony van Dyck?

King Charles I in Three Positions
Oil on copper

Marking on back: V and crown is the cypher for Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Victoria


2) Madonna and Child

19th Century

Oil on Copper

Circumstances of Loss:
They were purchased by a U.S. Speical Services librarian while serving in Germay in late 1945.

The paintings were returned to Donatus Landgraf von Hessen in Kronberg at Castle Friedrichshof (today Schlosshotel Kronberg) during a ceremony in May 2015.

  Discovery and Research  

Following an appearance of Robert Edsel on the Glenn Beck Radio Show, the Foundation received dozens of phone calls including one concerning two paintings in the possession of heirs to Ms. Margaret Reeb. Numerous conversations with her heirs followed leading to detailed information about the paintings, including photos, and Ms. Reeb's purchase of them. Ms. Reeb bought the paintings in late 1945 while serving in Germany as part of the United States Special Services as a librarian.

In this instance, research into determining the rightful owners proved simple. Both paintings had been at Castle Friedrichshof (today known as the Schlosshotel Kronberg, just north of Frankfurt), which in April 1945 was confiscated by American forces and converted into an officer's club. These paintings have enormous importance for reasons besides their artistic value: they once belonged to the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Victoria (Empress Friedrich), who built the castle. Her royal seal appears on the reverse of one of the paintings. The other painting is actually a portrait of Princess Victoria as a child being held by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.These paintings would have been among the many personal belongings that a