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   Restitution Fund   

Play a role in the return of cultural objects to their rightful owners. Support our restitutions!

The Monuments Men and Women found and returned almost 4 million stolen works of art and cultural objects—paintings, drawings, sculpture and religious objects. But their mission is not completed.

Hundreds of thousands of works of art and important cultural documents remain missing even today!

Research to identify the rightful owner of the many displaced cultural objects that are brought to our attention is tedious and it may take our research team years. However, even after the owner is identified, costs associated with the repatriation of the objects slow down the process. Help us defer the costs associated with the return of these objects.

Donations of $5,000 and above are eligible for virtual or in person invitation to one return ceremony. Sponsorships opportunities are available upon request.

Thank you for your help. We are counting on you!

“No age lives entirely alone; every civilization is formed not merely by its own achievements but by what it has inherited from the past. If these things are destroyed, we have lost a part of our past, and we shall be the poorer for it.”
Monuments Officer Maj. Ronald Balfour, from remarks he had hoped to deliver to his troops prior to being killed in action in March 1945

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