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Honoring the Past; Connecting it to the Present

Last week, the Monuments Men and Women Foundation held a special gala celebration at The National WWII Museum.

Gala dinner with guests and stage
MMWF Gala - The National WWII Museum

When the Monuments Men and Women Gallery opened, last November, we were keenly aware that many of those whose generosity helped make the exhibition possible were not present to be recognized and, above all, thanked at that time. This realization served as the inspiration for this Gala: an opportunity to express our appreciation to the family members and friends of the Monuments Men and Women, whose longstanding trust and generosity in donating their treasured documents, letters, and personal artifacts to us and in turn, to the Museum, brought the exhibition to life.

We also wanted to capitalize on the moment by including in the celebrations the successors to these wartime heroes—today’s Monuments Men and Women—the USACAPOC Airborne 38G /6V Heritage and Preservation officers. The gathering of these two groups, the first of its kind, now connects past to present and furthers the legacy of those who served during and after World War II.

Thank you to all who attended and supported our Gala, for helping us with an incredible night that we will cherish forever!



Thank you for all the wonderful remarks by Stephen Watson (President and CEO of The National WWII Museum), Holly Popham (Senior Vice President and Market Executive New Orleans/Baton Rouge, Bank of America), Canon Ludo Collin from Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, COL Andrew Scott DeJesse (Director, 308G/6V Heritage and Preservation program, U.S. Army), LT. GEN. Fabrizio Parrulli (Military and Police Advisor to the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations and Monuments Men and Women Foundation Advisor), and Elizabeth Ford, daughter of Monuments Man MAJ Dale V. Ford. We couldn't be more honored to build our work on such important legacy.


Special gratitude goes to our sponsors: The Family of Mildred Grinstead, Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Bank of America, Ochsner Health, The Mike Bylen Family, Claire and Jim Woodcock, Judy and Don Floyd, Ashli and Todd Blumenfeld, Bright and Bright LLP, Sarah and Stockton Clemons, Jennifer and David Drez, Anna and Robert Edsel, Shelby and Brooks Landgraf, Neal Auction Company, Wick Phillips and our in-kind sponsors The Garden Gate, Method & Madness, Studio 318, Ted Jackson, David Trozzo, G. Andrew Boyd.


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