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 Elie J. Doubinsky (?-?) 



Elie J. Doubinsky served as a French Art Expert for the Reparations and Restitution Division of the French Group- Control Commission.


As an official representative of the French Government at the Munich Central Collecting Point, he participated in the identification of works of art and other cultural objects looted from French collections by the Nazis. Doubinsky worked alongside Monuments Man Capt. Hubert de Brye, the Division’s Director, to arrange transport for the restitution shipments of thousands of French-owned objects back to France. In June 1947 he helped secure the return of paintings from The Barol Cassel Art Collection, an impressive group of masterpieces by great artists including Gauguin, Manet, Cézanne, Fragonard, Courbet, Gainsborough, and Delacroix. Confiscated by the ERR in Southern France and later stored in the salt mine at Altaussee.


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