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 Andrea Domán (1915-1988) 

Andrea Doman_edited.jpg

Born in Miskolc, Hungary, on 21st August 1915, Andrea Domán served as a civilian MFAA Officer of the Hungarian Mission for Restitution charged with investigating works of art and other cultural objects looted from Hungary by the Nazis. Stationed at the Munich Central Collecting Point, she coordinated transportation for all shipments of Hungarian-owned objects back to Hungary and investigated claims for looted art in Germany. In February 1947 she interrogated Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl (formerly second in command to Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler's representative in Hungary during the large-scale deportation of Jews from Hungary) regarding the location of looted Hungarian art objects, many of which were owned by Jewish collectors. 

Andrea Domán passed away in Chevy Chase, MD, on 14th June 1988.


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